Patrick Unique

BridgeRunner Model :

Rage & Release :

Founder Full (charity):

Founder Vegetarian :

Cannabis athlete/ advocate

Patrick Unique

HEIGHT 6'4''
CHEST 40''
WAIST 34''

HAIR Dark Brown
EYES Brown

Patrick Unique, or Thai, as he is known by many, is an American professional athlete born in Brooklyn, NY.

Patrick is a spokesperson for Nike Run products, for which he heads the Nike Run program in New York. With his runners, he participates in runs and marathons all over. Unique has been seen in several remarkable commercials for the sports brad and has also been featured in magazines such as Complex and Paper.

The model is a strong cannabis advocate and also a vegetarian. +1 646 992 8252   195 Plymouth Street, 6th Floor, Suite 8, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

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