Louise Donegan

Louise Donegan is an English artist, actor, philanthropist, athlete and model.

The Brit is an active member of the Model's Alliance, a supporter of Doctor's Without Borders, and also of Oceans Unite.

Louise's work as an artist plays with collage and mixed media to create biomorph compositions, re-imagining objects and beings, seeing them as more than just the sum of their parts. She has shown in group exhibitions in London and L.A., and had two hugely successful exhibitions in New York.

As an actor, Louise can be seen in two short films, various commercials, as well as an appearance in NBC's hit TV series Law & Order SVU.

Louise excels in triathlons, half-marathons, swimming, yoga, and netball.

Find out more about Louise on her website www.louisedonegan.com.

Louise Donegan

HEIGHT 5'10''
BUST 32''
WAIST 26''
HIPS 37''

HAIR Blond
SHOES 7 1/2

Born in Reading, England; Louise Donegan is an artist, actor, philanthropist and model.

Since very young, Louise and her two brothers were always encouraged to pursue high-education, so that they would have a better and more secure future. Louise's journey however took her down a slightly different path when she was discovered at a young person's evening at a local nightclub, in 1998.

Her successful career is in great part due to a reputation of fierce dedication, professionalism and good spirits. While modeling, the Brit has seen all corners and pockets of the world. Louise has resided for extended periods of time in Tokyo, Paris, London and New York. Her modeling credits include advertising campaigns and commercials for Escada, L'Oreal, Eileen Fisher, Hussein Chalayan, Jack Guy, and John Richmond. Most recently Louise shot a commercial for the acclaimed American haircare brand Cutler, owned by one of Louise's oldest friends, celebrity hair stylist Rodney Cutler. In this commercial Louise got to exercise the skills obtained from her acting education. Acting, is a career which she is now dedicating more time to, and already includes two short-film credits and an appearance in the NBC hit series Law & Order SVU.

Donegan has never abandoned her passion for art and saw her career in that field rise to considerable heights in the last three years. As an artist, she creates biomorph compositions with a fusion of digital and analog techniques. Says the artist of her work, “I revel in the beauty of nature’s engineering and am drawn to biological forms like skeletons, wings, and rock formations. My intention is to project beauty by employing the idea that small parts comprise a larger whole, the totality of which is more than the sum of its parts.” Donegan has shown her works in several venues throughout London, Los Angeles and New York, including highly successful and nearly sold-out solo exhibits at Brilliant Champions in Brooklyn, and Salomon Contemporary in New York's West Chelsea neighborhood, the local mecca of art.

Louise currently lives in Los Angeles and enjoys a log-term relationship with music producer and entrepreneur Mike Dean. With Mike, Louise partnered up for a series of endeavors including business ventures, album covers, and special merchandising. Their limited-series merchandising was sold at a pop-up shop in L.A. in conjunction with Fancy.com, to great results. One of the pieces Louise made, a shark design, draws attention to the use of squalene (sourced from shark liver oil) in the cosmetic industry. All the profits from the sale of it went to Ocean Unite, an ocean conservation organization.

Besides being a shark-lover, Louise is an all-around Eco-friendly person. She drives an electric car, has been a lifelong vegetarian, and all her beauty products are non-toxic, ethical, and ecologically correct.

At age 29 Louise was told by her doctor that she had chronic bronchitis, so she put herself through major life changes and became very passionate about sports, training and competing in triathlons, half-marathons, netball, yoga and mountain-biking.

This powerhouse is also on her way to becoming a young tycoon. Her expanded views of the world (which one gains naturally from being on the road for so many years), probably coupled with that old idea of needing to secure her future, have made her highly entrepreneurial. Her business ventures include restaurants in New York, a radio station in LA, as well as a tea company, among others.

Louise supports the charitable organization Doctors Without Borders, and is also an active member of Model's Alliance, seeking to change the landscape of the modeling business in favor of healthier work environments and better treatment of models.

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