Hildie Gifstad

"Huldra is a seductive forest spirit from Norse mythology. A tricky creature, this long-haired blonde nymph lives in luxury in the mountains of Norway. Huldra offers rewards to those who satisfy her sexually and death to those who fail to do so. When she chooses a man to seduce, he is never seen again.

Huldra can only be recognized by her cow tail, which she hides under her skirt upon meeting humans - so beware when you see a beautiful young blonde wandering in the forest."

In 2016, the successful model Hildie Gifstad drew inspiration from this mythical creature to embark on her boldest pursuit to date: HULDRA OF NORWAY, her home-goods company based in New York.

Hildie Gifstad

HEIGHT 5'11''
BUST 32''
WAIST 24''
HIPS 36''

HAIR Blond
SHOES 7 1/2

Hildie Gifstad is a Norwegian born model and artist. She grew up in a small town, but has always loved to travel and explore. She gets inspired everywhere she goes. As well as traveling the world as a model, Hildie has shown her art in multiple galleries in New York.

In 2016 the model started Huldra of Norway, a home goods company where she makes fringe lamps and hand crochet pillows. Huldra of Norway embodies the luxury and lavishness of the 1970s, with bright colors and beautiful textures, playing with the era's freedom of sexuality.

All pillows are hand crocheted by Hildie Gifstad.

hello@antimgt.com +1 646 992 8252   195 Plymouth Street, 6th Floor, Suite 8, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

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