Fabiana Saba

For Fabiana Saba sorority means sharing her journey with other women, so they can also find their true selves.

Saba had to learn to embrace herself as a mother, a woman over 40, and also a woman with curves. In her process of rediscovery she learned that true motherhood is about what lies beneath the surface, a lesson that has since then been replicated in all areas of her life.

Fabiana believes we can all be free once we truly face ourselves with empathy and love, faults and all.

Fabiana Saba

HEIGHT 5'9'' 1/2

HAIR Blond
EYES Green
SHOES 5 1/2

Fabiana Saba's career started with the iconic Model Look contest by John Casablancas, in Brazil. Saba modeled throughout the 90’s and was featured in magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle, as well as in different campaigns and fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, Sao Paulo, Tokyo and New York.

In 2000 at the turn of a new century, Fabi also turned a new page in her life: went back to her home-country to become a television host. In the span of the following 4 years her variety show held 3rd place on prime time, reaching the home of millions of viewers daily. In addition to a career in TV, the blond bombshell also co-hosted a weekly 3-hour radio show that reached some high peaks in audience for that medium.

In 2006 Fabiana moved back to New York to pursue a different dream, building her family alongside her husband. The couple continues to reside in New York, where they raise their two beautiful daughters.

After a long pause from her life in entertainment she focused on studying acting and obtaining a degree in psychology. During this period Fabiana also did volunteer work for many local organizations such as NY Cares and God's Love we Deliver. Fabiana is a member of the steering committee of Brazil Foundation and a member of the board of Brazil Child Health, two organizations close to her heart.

Fabiana Saba is a member of the board of Brazil Child Health; a nonprofit organization that works to break the cycle of misery, illness, hospitalization, readmission, and death among children released from public hospitals.

These children and their families are referred to the organization by a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals. Brazil Child Health then works with them to create a customized Family Action Plan that focuses on five different domains of well-being: health, income, housing, education, and citizenship. The organization's innovative approach to healthcare has aided over 60,000 families throughout Brazil.

Still retaining a broad audience throughout Latin America, Fabiana made use of the then newfound social media to vocalize suggestions of positive solutions to the injustices imposed by unrealistic beauty standards, cyber bullying, and many other important issues.

The model is now making her return to entertainment with two web-series, "The TV Disruptors", a docu-series covering the day to day life of the modeling agency and all its colorful characters; and "Todas Juntas TV"; the latter in Portuguese, for the Brazilian audience, highlighting positive examples of people who challenged standards imposed by society.

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