Amanda Herley

Amanda will make fun of you and you will never notice; until she points it out (all while already making fun of you, again).

Amanda Herley

HEIGHT 5'11''
BUST 34''
WAIST 24''
HIPS 35''

EYES Brown
SHOES 6 1/2

Amanda Herley was born on a farm in Lansing, Michigan and raised by a single mother and six older siblings. In elementary school, her mother was often called because Amanda regularly brought up unconventional opinions. One example of many is when she explained to her Fourth Grade class that she was going to be Deputy Raineesha Williams from Reno 911! when she grew up.

She attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts and Columbia University, and is currently working on a degree in creative writing at Harvard University.

Amanda has received critical attention from professors and distinguished alumni in University, but in what she calls “her continuous attempt to upset her mother” she has taken multiple breaks from her education to pursue comedy.

She regulars at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and Purrt Reynolds’, her cat’s, tower loft aka scratching post.

If Amanda was an animal she would be a goat. Like goats, Amanda is creative, hard working, a passionate lover, and she has eaten paper. +1 646 992 8252   195 Plymouth Street, 6th Floor, Suite 8, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

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